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Don’t Tweak Your Supply Chain—Rethink It End to End

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of flow of goods and services that involve progression and storage of raw organic materials, of work-in-process itemization and of finished goods from the point of influence to the point of expenditure. Supply chain management has been defined as the layout, devising, execution, rule and auditing of supply chain activities with the objective of constructing an aggressive infrastructure, integrating supply with demand and measuring performance.

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APICS S&OP Performance: Advancing Sales and Operations Planning in Supply Chain

An effective S&OP process helps the management of any business in business decisions, strategies, and control over the business to make it successful. APICS has made a research on S&OP on various aspects like reasons for underperformance in S&OP, strategy to manage complexity, variability in demand and sales forecast and major shortcomings of S&OP. 

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