The UN Global Compact Management Model is a dynamic framework developed in consulting with corporate sustainability and management experts, leading people from civil society and academia in the objective of helping companies to obtain high level performances and to create real and everlasting value for the business as well as the society. This model guides the companies of all proportions through the procedure of organizational modification to grasp corporate sustainability by executing the ten principles in day-to-day operations and managerial culture.

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The UN Global Compact Management Model provides guidance on assessing the impacts of latest actions related to its vision and commitments as well as identifying the risks and opportunities.

Once the company decides to adopt the UN Global Compact Management Model, it helps them and assures that their corporate sustainability scenario is aligned with both the letter and enthusiasm of Global Compact. It is a simple and extensible model to guide the companies of all sizes through the process of organizational change to enfold corporate sustainability by resolving the ten principles in day-to-day operations and organizational culture.

The model is designed for all the Global Compact requirements.  It is critical for the companies to realize that relying on the model could also provide new ideas aimed at creating value for the expense of shareholders over the long term.

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The UN Global Compact Management convoys the companies through the process of

  • Committing
  • Assessing
  • Defining
  • Implementing
  • Measuring
  • Communicating 

Some of the Global Compact Issue areas where the details behind the Issue Area Implementation are provided are Human Rights, Labor, Anti-Corruption and Environment. The right way to achieve the alignment with ten global compact principles is both fatiguing and gratifying. Companies will be challenged to face new restraints and come up with new regulations. The companies that have embraced corporate sustainability will be able to shape to new regulations and practices and captures better growth opportunities.