Standard Operating Procedure shortly known as SOP is a tool for process improvement and standardization. Though SOP dates back to several hundred years, it is still not effectively used by the supply chain industry.

In this article, we would like to delve into the unique opportunities offered by SOPs to warehouse operations. SOPs are the documents that help organizations to make the best

practices as a part of organizational culture in performing the various processes, functions and activities.

The macro-level benefits of SOP are

  1. Well defined steps to perform a work
  2. Standardization of activities irrespective of who is performing
  3. Improved safety and security in operation
  4. Best quality is delivered consistently in a repeated manner
  5. Easy to train new employee
  6. Sets a standard on expected performance
  7. Minimizing wastages in processes
  8. A platform for continuous improvement
  9. A document to demonstrate management intentions in Court of Law

Also many warehouses are in the process of transforming from a manual system to an automated system using Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Before committing for a particular WMS, one need to understand the processes within the warehouse. Just selecting and implementing any WMS may cause lots of disappointments as the implemented WMS may be a complete mismatch with your processes. Hence the first step in automation is knowing your processes – meaning creating standard operating procedures for your warehouse.

Typical SOPs for warehouses include the following:

Warehouse opening and closing procedures

  1. Inward inspection and receiving
  2. Outward inspection and shipment
  3. Dock operation
  4. Product handling and maintenance
  5. MHEs operating procedure
  6. Product picking or selection procedure
  7. Product put-away procedure
  8. Procedure for bin allocations
  9. Procedure for inventory management and reporting
  10. Warehouse asset records and maintenance
  11. Warehouse safety and security measures
  12. Warehouse compliance management
  13. Procedure and mechanism to monitor and control – pilferage, theft and damage
  14. Periodical training and assessment of warehouse professionals
  15. Warehouse material management and disposal policies
  16. Warehouse disaster management plan
  17. Administration, HR, taxation and accounting policies
  18. Procedures for value-added services etc.

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