This book is about the use of modern statistical methods for quality control and improvement. It provides comprehensive coverage of the subject from basic principles to state–of–art concepts and applications. The objective is to give the reader a sound understanding of the principles and the basis for applying them in a variety of both product and nonproduct situations.

While statistical techniques are emphasized throughout, the book has a strong engineering and management orientation. Guidelines are given throughout the book for selecting the proper type of statistical technique to use in a wide variety of product and nonproduct situations. By presenting theory, and supporting the theory with clear and relevant examples, Montgomery helps the reader to understand the big picture of important concepts. Updated to reflect contemporary practice and provide more information on management aspects of quality improvement.

Table of Contents

Quality improvement in the Modern Business Environment - Modeling Process Quality - Inference about process quality - Methods and Philosophy of Statistical process control - Control Charts for variables control - Charts for Attributes Process and Measurement system capability analysis - Cumulative Sum and Exponentially - Weighted moving average control - Charts Multivariate process monitoring and control Engineering process control and SPC - Process Optimization with Designed experiments

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics