The primary purpose is to standardise, document and communicate the 6Qs or 6 Questions of all the activities or tasks involved in a process. The 6Qs are what, why and how of doing an activity and by whom, when and where.

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The top-10 objectives of developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are

1-To capture the current state of your supply chain

2-To establish a foundation on which supply chain process improvements can be carried out

3-To create a ready reference for the employees on how to perform a process or activity

4-To set and communicate the expectations of the management to the supply chain team

5-To provide a primer to the new employees

6-To deliver consistent performance irrespective of people or geography

7-To improve the safety and security of operations in supply chain

8-To enable the organisation as a process-centric one and to attain higher level of process-maturity

9-To boost the image of your organisation in front of B2B Clients in particular

10-To show the proof of management’s intention in a court-of-law

SOP is a low-cost process improvement tool to transform your supply chain from current state to a desired future state. If you are looking for a SOP Template, please visit IISCM Blog to download.