Operations Management Integrating Manufacturing and Services offers a broad and relatively non-quantitative overview of the field of operations management and provides a “big picture” perspective that should appeal to a variety of business majors—not just those students majoring in operations management. Reflecting the background of the authors, Operations  

Management Integrating Manufacturing and Services has the strongest coverage of services of any introductory book on the market.

The treatment of both manufacturing and services, as the new title suggests, is again more fully integrated than other competing textbooks.

Table of Contents

Operations management in today's business environment - Introduction to Operations Management - Operations Strategy Identifying Core Competencies Supplement - Financial Analysis in Operations Management - The Role of Information Technology - Supply Chain Management Integrating Across Organizations - Integrating Manufacturing and Services

Process decisions - New Product and Service Development, and Process Selection - Project Management - Process Measurement and Analysis Supplement - Job Design and Work Performance Measurement - Quality Management Supplement - Quality Control Tools for Improving Processes - Lean Operations

Facility decisions - Facility Location and Capacity Planning - Facility Layouts Supplement – Forecasting

Aggregate planning and inventory decisions - Aggregate Planning - Inventory Systems for Independent Demand

Daily Operational Decisions - Inventory Systems for Dependent Demand - Waiting Line Management Supplement - Waiting Line Theory – Scheduling

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics