This category does not restrict to any specific industry and involves all engineering products which were subject to recalls. This must result in a wide array of products with rather unconnected reasons. However, as is usually the case, such products are often faulty based on design or manufacturing defects. Some of these products may not be well-known, as most of these are used in Industries or are less famous. Here is a list of some of those engineering products recalls

1. Hover Board Recalls – 2016

Hoverboards were the fad a few years back, but more so when they started catching fire while riding. The two-wheeled scooters were very famous among the youth but all of them had the same problem – fire hazard because of the Li-ion batteries they used. After nearly 100 incidents, several of them causing property damage and a couple of incidents being linked to deaths, a massive recall of a half a million of these products was issued in the US and several thousand more around the world. 

10 manufacturers in all came under the fire and the market for hoverboards came down crashing as people became wary of them. Most of them were products originating from China. The worst part is that the recalls aren’t yet complete with companies shifting towards certified hoverboards, which are now authorized for sale. Cost impacts are not clear as several parties are involved through the fire incidents caused damages north of $4mn. Lithium Ion batteries have been under the scanner for more than a decade now and yet continues to cause such horrors as the Tech world struggles to find a safer alternative.

Courtesy: BBC News | NPR