This podcast is on the list of Executive Development Programs offered by IISCM for corporates. 

The duration of IISCM’s Executive Development Programs range from one to three days and are delivered at organisations across India, Middle-East and Africa. These programs are case study based and have a judicial mix of theory and practice. On completion of the program, the participants would be able to transform the respective business processes in their organisations.

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The EDPs offered are

Principles of Inventory Management

Basics of Supply Chain Management

Mastering Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Standard Operating Procedures for SCM

Systematic Layout Planning

Mastering Forecasting and Demand Management

Supply Chain Risk Management Using ISO:31000

Supply Chain Network Design

Principles of Distribution Management

Supplier Scorecard: Design, Deploy, Measure and Manage

Supplier Relationship Management Strategy

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Supply Chain Software Selection Process

Supply Chain Technologies

Packaging Technology for SCM Professionals

Theory of Constraints For Supply Chain

Mastering Incoterms 2010

Modern Warehouse Operations

Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Establishing Enterprise Inventory Policy and

Principles of Transportation Management