Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) is a golden standard and well respected within the supply chain community for its extensive coverage of the supply chain body of knowledge and for the intensive preparation and understanding required to succeed in the examination.  

CSCP helps you in three areas:

  • An Unique Resume: When someone has CSCP in their resume, a company recruiting for any supply chain position cannot afford to ignore this resume.
  • Interview: To succeed in CSCP it requires extensive preparation at least over a period of 3 to 5 months. After such preparation, the candidate attending an interview can show a great deal of understanding of the supply chain.
  • Working as a SCM Professional: CSCP contains three modules composed of (i) Supply Chain Design (ii) Supply Chain Planning and Execution (iii) Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices, which fully prepares a candidate to contribute both to the strategy and operational aspects of the supply chain.  

Certified Supply Chain Professionals (CSCPs) are sought after in the companies who are competing on their supply chains to formulate, design and execute their Supply Chains strategies. Be it a product or a service organization, be it a manufacturing or a distribution organization, supply chain professionals are required to lead the SCM team.  

Highlights from US Department of Commerce on India’s Supply Chain:

  • India spends 13% of its GDP on logistics, 3% more than United States
  • The size of the Indian warehousing industry is pegged at %11 billion and it grows 10% year-over-year
  • Indian warehousing industry is fast transforming from unorganized to organized
  • Cold chain offers great opportunities due to the government’s focus on food preservation
  • Growth in logistics also introducing huge opportunities in commercial vehicles and material handling equipment segments
  • The report also indicates that Indian government and industries know that supply chains must be improved this will place a huge demand for the Certified Supply Chain Professionals  Source: https://www.export.gov/article?id=India-Supply-Chain-Logistics

ATKearney’s Supply Chain 2025 – Trends & Implications for India study The study predicts six mega trends that will shape the future of supply chain in India.  Source: http://www.atkearney.in/documents/10192/4408576/Supply+Chain+2025Trends+and+Implications+for+India.pdf/5a65965e-2378-404e-8829-7664bc1b637c       

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The above research documents and several other studies consistently show and prove a point that India is on the move to make a robust supply chain, which will demand well qualified Supply Chain Professionals.