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Adidas and Amazon Re-Write The Rules on Supply Chain Management

If you ask any typical company on how much they want to spend on their supply chain, the immediate answer would be zero. No one wants to spend on supply chain. It is always a battle for supply chain professionals between supply chain cost and customer service. 

But here are two companies, Adidas and Amazon demonstrated that by making some additional investments

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Ten Reasons You Should Consider A Career in Logistics

Though this article is specifically written for the US audience in mind, but it gives us the points to ponder why you should be happy for being in supply chain or logistics field. This article is written by Philip Rudy, from and gives us the following ten points.

  1. New opportunities are opening in logistics
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Delight to Watch – Hyperloop One – A Journey So Far

At least for the last 100 years or so human race is stuck with the present forms of transportation (rail, truck, water, pipeline and air) of goods and people. I am not denying that we have made great progress in terms of performance, efficiency and comfort, but the forms of transportation remain the same.

The point I would like to make here is that it no longer going to be the same if everything goes

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