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Store Manager

Core Competencies:

  • Numerical and Analytical skills
  • Ability to manage a team  
  • Well organized and Perfect maintenance of Records
  • Good communication and Reporting skills
  • Accountability 
  • Proficient with tools such as WMS, SAP, Cloud and ERP.
  • Knowledge on Inventory Management techniques.

Peripheral Competencies:

  • Equipped with knowledge on material properties
  • Focus on details 
  • Flexible with the work 
  • Knowledge on standards and Audits related to storage
  • Experienced with the workings of MHE’s 


Quality Assurance Manager

Core Competencies:

  • Good Technical and Analytical proficiency
  • Capable of engaging with multiple teams of diverse nature 
  • Methodical and Process Oriented approach
  • Good at Communicating and Presenting Ideas
  • Profound awareness of quality improvement systems and tools
  • Certification such as Six Sigma, TQM, etc.

Peripheral Competencies:

  • Good IT skills and exposure on various system tools
  • Critical thinking and an eye for details
  • Flexible with the activities
  • Experienced with quality management software.
  • Demonstrated competence in a Lead role
Multiple Supply Chains - A Case Study

For any manufacturing organisation, we can divide the supply chain into two parts. One is the upstream supply chain and the other is downstream supply chain. In this podcast, I am going to discuss the need for multiple supply chains for the downstream. The downstream supply chain originates at the factory and ends with the delivery of the product to the end consumer. We are concerned only with the forward product flow, so I am not considering the reverse product flow or the reverse logistics part. This sets the scope for our discussion related to multiple supply chains.

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