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Bonded Warehouse

Bonded warehouses are established under the Customs Act, 1962. You can refer sections 57 to 73 under Chapter IX of Customs Act 1962 to learn the various provisions of bonded warehouse in India. Similar to this act almost all countries have legal provisions governed by their respective acts to establish the bonded warehouse. So what is a bonded warehouse? The warehouse promoter or the importer executes a bond with the Customs Department to establish the bonded warehouse, hence that name. Bonded warehouses are normally used by businesses who are in import and export business.

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An 8-Step Approach For Career Progress in SCM

Hi, this is Venkadesh Narayanan from This podcast is on An 8-Step Approach For Career Progress in SCM. The eight steps are Establish Goal, Define Geographies, Identify Domain, Search Companies, Analyse Job Descriptions, Bridge Skill Gap, Connect with Contacts and Followup. Let us go through the 8-steps.

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Echelons and Nodes

Echelons and nodes are very helpful concepts to visualize an end-to-end supply chain. Let us take an automotive supply chain. It contains four levels of suppliers Tier-4, Tier-3, Tier-2 and Tier-1. The Tier-4 supplier supplies to Tier-3 and Tier-3 supplies to Tier-2 and so on until Tier-1. The Tier-1 supplier supplies to the OEM that is the car manufacturing plant. Once the cars are manufactured they are sent to Regional Distributors from where it is sent to the Dealers who manages the showrooms. 

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Association For Supply Chain Management (ASCM), USA

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