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Supply Chain Program for Graduates

This podcast is for young graduates to help them form a career in supply chain. 

As you may be aware that supply chains across India need skilled and qualified manpower to manage its operations. This demand is coming from eCommerce companies, multinational corporations and business houses. I have personally witnessed a steep growth in demand for supply chain professionals both at entry and mid-management levels over the last 5 years. Several predictions points out to the fact that supply chain will be one of the leading domains that will offer significant opportunities to young graduates for the next few decades or so.

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Why Supply Chain Certifications?

This podcast is on why a supply chain professional need to pursue supply chain certification?

At the beginning of 1990’s when I started working for an engineering firm, supply chain tasks were more or less a common sense. Anyone with a degree in commerce, science and engineering can handle the tasks with little bit of on-the-job training. Those days MBAs were rarest of rare and we never had any programs to educate us in supply chain concepts. I mean there were not many college programs related to supply chain body of knowledge. Some of my best colleagues came from industrial engineering background.

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Association For Supply Chain Management (ASCM), USA

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