Offering comprehensive advice on all aspects of managing a warehouse, the third edition of Warehouse Management is an ideal guide and detailed reference book for anyone looking to gain a real insight into warehouse operations. It examines everything from the latest technological advances, operations and people management to current environmental issues.

This third edition of Warehouse Management includes definitive updates across the industry, such as the vast expansion of warehouse technology and robotics, warehouse design and the increasing challenges posed by e-commerce. Gwynne Richards tackles the core challenges for today's managers, offering experienced advice on how to reduce lead times, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Revamped with more practical case studies and an array of downloadable warehouse tools, this new edition of Warehouse Management includes useful warehouse audit checklists and is firmly supported with insightful photographs, video links and projections.

Table of Contents

The role of the warehouse - Role of the warehouse manager - Warehouse processes: receiving and put-away - Warehouse processes: pick preparation - Picking strategies and equipment - Order-picking methods - Warehouse processes from replenishment to despatch Warehouse management systems - Warehouse layout - Storage and handling equipment - Resourcing a warehouse - Warehouse costs - Performance management - Outsourcing - Health and safety - The warehouse and the environment - The warehouse of the future

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics