This fully revised book explains how to:

  • Develop a supply chain strategy that will help you realize your business goals
  • Design a process architecture that maps out the activities of the end-to-end supply chain
  • Create the most effective supply chain organization
  • Build the most beneficial relationships with your supply chain partners
  • Use metrics to assess and drive business success
  • Implement transformational change

See how today's best supply chain strategies work in all-new profiles of BASF, Essilor, Haier, Kaiser Permanente, Lenovo, and Schlumberger. Find out what these industry leaders are doing to get the greatest value out of their supply chains.

Table of Contents

View Your Supply Chain as a Strategic Asset - Five Key Configuration Components - Four Criteria of a Good Supply Chain Strategy - Next-Generation Strategy

Develop an End-to-End Process Architecture - Four Tests of Supply Chain Architecture - Architectural Toolkits - Top Three Levels of the SCOR Model - Five Processes for End-to-End Supply Chain Management - Next-Generation Processes

Design Your Organization for Performance - Organizational Change Is an Ongoing Process - Evolution of the Supply Chain Organization - Guiding Principles for Organizational Design - Gaining Respect for the Supply Chain Discipline - Next Generation Organizational Design

Build the Right Collaborative Model - Collaboration Is a Spectrum - Finding the Right Place on the Spectrum - The Path to Successful Collaboration - Next Generation Collaboration

Use Metrics to Drive Business Success - Why Measure? - Managing Performance with Metrics - Which Metrics? - Case in Point: Performance Management at Com - Next Generation Performance Management

A Roadmap to Change - Advanced Systems Aren’t Enough - Characteristics of the Next Generation - Developing a Roadmap

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics