Over the last four discipline of business logistics has advanced from the warehouse and transportation dock to the boardroom of leading global enterprises We have had the opportunity to be actively involved in this evolution through research, education and advising This first edition of Logistical Management: The Integrated Supply Chain Process reviews

the development and fundamentals of the discipline It also presents our vision of the future of business logistics and its role enterprise competitiveness.

Table of Contents

Integrated Logistics – Logistics - Logistical Operations Integration - Customer Service - Supply Chain Relationships - Global Logistics - Logistics Resources – Information – Forecasting - Inventory Strategy - Inventory Management - Transportation Infrastructure - Transportation Regulation - Transportation Management - Warehouse Management - Material Handling – Packaging - Logistics System Design - Logistics Positioning - Integration Theory - Planning and Design Methodology - Planning and Design Techniques - Logistics Administration – Organization - Planning, Costing, and Pricing - Performance Measurement and Reporting - Dimensions of Change: A Seminar Focus

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics