The ninth edition refined its focus on the supply chain approach by blending logistics theory with practical applications and includes updated material on the latest technology, transportation regulations, pricing and other issues. Each chapter opens with "Supply Chain Profiles" vignettes introducing students to real-world companies, people and events.

New and updated "On the Line" boxed features are applied examples providing students with hands-on managerial experience of the chapter's topics. "Supply Chain Technology" boxes appear throughout the text, helping students relate technological developments to supply chain management concepts and logistics practices while taking in consideration global changes. Short Cases at the end of each chapter are updated and build on what students have learned in the chapter.

Table of Contents

Principles of Supply Chain Management - Supply Chain Integration - Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain - Managing Demand and Supply in a Supply Chain - Facility Network Design - Purchasing and Supply Chain Management - Manufacturing in a Supply Chain Context - Inventory Management - Managing Transportation in a Supply Chain – Warehousing - Returns Management - Customer Service in a Supply Chain - Order Fulfilment - Cooperation and Coordination in a Supply Chain - Role of Outsourcing in a Supply Chain - Measuring Supply Chain Performance - Information Technology in Supply Chain - E-Business and the Supply Chain - Financial Flow in Supply Chain

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics