APICS offers CPIM, CSCP and CLTD certifications, considered as the gold standards across the globe by the supply chain community. The three certifications in its expanded form reads as

    • Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
    • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and
  • Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD).

In this podcast, we are going to discuss about the eligibility requirements for all the three certifications. 

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For CPIM, there is no pre requisites in terms of either qualifications or experience. Any one who is having passion for internal supply chain can opt for CPIM. 

On the other hand, to appear for the CSCP and CLTD examinations you are required to meet one of the following three requirements. I repeat you have to meet one of the three requirements I am going to present now. 

  1. Possess at least three years of supply chain related business experience OR
  2. Hold a Bachelors’ degree OR 
  3. Hold one of the APICS Certifications or CPM, CSM or CPSM

Let us discuss few scenarios.

Scenario-1: A month ago, a candidate approached me and said he want to pursue CSCP certification. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and has one year experience in supply chain. Also he doesn’t hold any of the APICS certifications. So I recommended him to pursue CPIM, which he can complete in about 6 months. Then his CPIM credential will make him eligible for CSCP. Or else he can wait for couple of more years to complete three years of work experience and then pursue CSCP. He is a very bright student and could not wait for two more years for APICS Certifications so selected the first option that is to pursue CPIM. 

Scenario-2: One Mr. Karthik working for a multinational organisation wanted to pursue CLTD certification. Is he eligible to appear for CLTD? He holds a bachelors degree in Mechatronics. So he is eligible for both CSCP and CLTD certifications.

Scenario-3: A gentleman at the age of 40 relocated from Middle-East to India for good. Now he would like to acquire a professional certification before taking up a new assignment. He said this career break is a great opportunity to add a global credential like APICS Certifications. He holds MBA and has around 15 years of experience. His question was whether he is eligible to sit for CSCP or CLTD examinations as he is not working currently. What do you think? Either his MBA or the work experience makes him eligible for both the certifications. His non-working status will not be an issue at all. 

Scenario-4: I will conclude with this last scenario. Mr. Christ Raj met me during one of my business trips to Pune. He hails from a very humble background. So he started working at an early age in a CNC Workshop right after passing his Matriculation examination. A good learner and a hard worker, in 5 years he opened his own workshop to manufacture special washers for automotive companies. Today, he is a Tier-1 supplier for several automotive companies. Through experience he learnt that control over inventory is very important. His google research led to CPIM in IISCM website. Can he do CPIM? Yes, of course he can pursue CPIM. Since I never came across such scenario in the past I just advised him that one needs a sincere preparation to succeed in CPIM Part-1 and Part-2 examination.