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Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics is dedicated to the strategy, management and movement of components, finished automobiles and service parts, from Tier supplier to assembly plant and on to the dealer, and everything in between.

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Supply Chain Digital

Navigating the digital disruption of the supply chain and procurement landscape, Johan Reventberg, President, EMEA, at JDA Software, discusses the challenges and complexity of supply chain transformation.

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Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain

Jürgen Maidl, Senior Vice-President Production Network, Supply Chain Management at BMW discusses how connected distribution is set to revolutionise inbound and outbound logistics at the carmaker. We report from Bremerhaven port, with comments from Andrea Eck of BLG, and from the US with Mario Cordero, Executive Director of Port of Long Beach and John Heimann of IT providers Acertus on how OEMs and logistics providers are prioritising the adoption of advanced IT systems.

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Association For Supply Chain Management (ASCM), USA