Warehouse Supervisor

Core Competencies:

  • Shall be advised on Storage and warehousing activities
  • Shall be aware of invoicing and other delivery/Goods receipt necessities 
  • Proven officiating facility
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Product Recalls - Engineering Products

This category does not restrict to any specific industry and involves all engineering products which were subject to recalls. This must result in a wide array of products with rather unconnected reasons. However, as is usually the case, such products are often faulty based on design or manufacturing defects. Some of these products may not be well-known, as most of these are used in Industries or are less famous. Here is a list of some of those engineering products recalls

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Supply Chain News Group: 201-250

201 - Mahindra Invests ₹ 150 Crore In New Spare Parts Warehouse In Jaipur ...Read more

202 - Mercedes-Benz India Opens The Largest Parts Warehouse By A Luxury Car Manufacturer ...Read more

203 - At Least 16 Dead In Moscow Warehouse Fire: Ministry ...Read more

204 - Fire Crackers Warehouse Gutted In Fire In Gurgaon ...Read more

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Supply Chain News Group: 151-200

151 - After Delhi's Biggest Fire In 2 Decades, A Row Over "Unwanted" Chopper ...Read more

152 - Massive Fire In Delhi's Malviya Nagar Put Out, With Help From Air Force ...Read more

153 - Robert Downey Jr's First Iron Man Suit Vanishes From Hollywood Warehouse ...Read more

154 - Volvo Car India Inaugurates Parts Warehouse ...Read more

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Compliance Officer

Core Competencies:

  • Extensive operational clarity of the organization
  • Shall be aware of all applicable conventions 
  • Prepared to advocate process changes to ensure compliance.
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Product Recalls – Electronic Appliances

Electronic appliances have been very common since the later part of the 20th century, with most physical household labour being aided by these appliances. Every household contains a slew of different household electronic products and it keeps growing in numbers as does the features in them. Hence, its only to be expected for these products to have issues and invoke recalls. There have been dozens of such major recalls, most of which are listed below.

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Transport Coordinator

Core Competencies:

  • Aware of the organizations positions and deals
  • Commendable know-how on fleet and routeing
  • Proactive and responsive
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E-Sourcing Expert

Core Competencies:

  • Numerical and Analytical facility
  • Know-how on the Material exactions of the organization
  • Expertise in auctioning and e-sourcing events
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Supply Chain News Group: 101-150

101 - M&M opens spare parts warehouse in Jaipur ...Read more

102 - CDA warehouse inauguration today ...Read more

103 - Warehouses adds to traffic chaos in city ...Read more

104 - Major blaze erupts at scrap warehouse ...Read more

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Product Recalls – Agri Industry

Any product recall in this industry is much more complex than any other industry and it is simply because it is very hard to trace the origin of the product and the diversity one finds in Agri products. Any issues with Agri products too are not easy to detect as they do not follow the standard metrological and quality aspects common in other products. Despite that, the number of Agri product recalls is rising every year, reflecting on the conscious effort by several countries. Below is a list of the major Agri product recalls in the past few decades

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