Contract Administration - L3M3

Purpose:  On completion of this module, learners will be able to explain administrative processes behind contract development and how to measure contract performance. They will identify how to achieve competitive pricing and be able to describe how effective tendering is achieved.

Aim:  In any organisation, a significant element of the procurement and supply function is based around the contracting process. This module is designed for those involved in the development and subsequent administration and performance monitoring of contracts. To ensure success, such individuals must demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of how to achieve competitive pricing and also how effective tendering is achieved.

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply


Learning Outcomes

Session 1:
[1.0] Know the administrative content and key tasks associated with commercial contracts  
[1.1] Identify types of contracts and agreements  
[1.2] Describe the purpose of the documents that compose a contract for the purchasing or supply of goods and/ or services   

Session 2:
[1.3] Describe the stages involved in forming contracts for the purchasing or supply of goods and/or services   
[1.4] Describe how to develop and present business cases to justify expenditure on supplies, services or projects  

Session 3:
[2.0] Understand how to achieve competitive pricing and the role of negotiation in procurement and supply  
[2.1] Explain the use and comparison of competition to obtain quotations on price   

Session 4:
[2.2] Recognise the role of commercial negotiations in the work of procurement and supply  
[2.3] Explain approaches to negotiate competitive prices   

Session 5:
[3.0] Know how effective tendering is achieved   
[3.1] Identify the initial actions processes associated with the tendering process  
[3.2] Describe initial tender process documentation and associated content   
[3.3] Identify the tender evaluation and acceptance process   

Session 6:
[3.4] Outline the regulations that can impact on the tendering process  

Session 7:
[4.0] Understand how to measure contract performance   
[4.1] Describe the use of data as a contract performance measure  

Session 8:
[4.2] Explain the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)  

Session 9:
[4.3] Explain types of contractual risk and how to manage them  

Session 10:
Module Recap

                    Session Dates

              Summer Cohort 2020
                  To be announced
              Winter Cohort 2020

                  To be announced

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