Operations Management - L5M9

Purpose: On completion of this module, learners will be able to understand the concepts of operations management that link to the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain and explain plans, designs, processes and systems for the improved control or improvement of supply chain operations.

Aim: In order to ensure success an organisation must create and adopt processes that ensure the consistent production of products and/or services that meet customer demand, both in terms of quantity and quality. This is the responsibility of those who manage the supply chain operations function. This module is designed to enable those involved in procurement and supply to assess techniques that are aimed at improving supply chain operations to the overall benefit of the organisation.

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply


                    Session Dates

              Summer Cohort 2020
                  To be announced
              Winter Cohort 2020

                  To be announced

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You can appear for the L5M9 examination on one of the following dates. Please contact the Certifications Manager to book your examination. Candidates need to pay for the Examination Fee and Centre Fee.

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