Systems Technology - L2M4

Purpose: On completion of this module, learners will be able to define the uses of, and identify the advantages offered by systems technology in improving procurement and supply activity whilst maintaining overall quality.

Aim: The impact of Internet based technologies and the use of data base information systems is key to the ability of the organisation to manage its expenditures on goods and services. This module is designed for those involved in the procurement and supply operation who, to ensure success must identify advantages of current technology but must also know the importance of quality management as efficiencies are sought through continuous improvement to organisational performance.

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply


Learning Outcomes

Session 1:
[1.0] Understand the use of systems technology and databases and how they contribute to procurement and supply
[1.1] Explain how to use systems technology and databases to contribute to effective procurement and supply

Session 2:
[1.2] Recognise how the use of the Internet, intranets and extranets leads to effective procurement and supply
[1.3] Explain the role of e-sourcing and e-tendering systems in procurement and supply

Session 3:
[2.0] Know types of systems for supplier selection, ordering and payment
[2.1] Describe the use of electronic sourcing systems for supplier selection and profiling
[2.2] Identify systems used in procurement and supply
[2.3] Identify the use of P2P (purchase to pay) systems for ordering from suppliers and payment to suppliers

Session 4:
[3.0] Know why quality management is important in procurement and supply
[3.1] Identify components of quality management in procurement and supply
[3.2] Identify the costs of quality
[3.3] Identify techniques associated with quality assurance and quality management

Session 5:
Module Recap

                    Session Dates

              Summer Cohort 2020
                21  & 28 of June, 2020
               05 & 12 of July, 2020

              Winter Cohort 2020
                  To be announced                                                 

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