Certified Supply Chain Professional [CSCP]

The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) credential is a gold standard for the supply chain professionals. Since introduction in 2006, more than 21,000 supply chain management professionals across the globe attained this enviable certification to master the supply chain body of knowledge and achieved an accelerated growth in their career. The aim of this certification is to create supply chain leaders who will spearhead SCM strategy, process improvement and supply chain innovations in their organisation and create a competitive advantage.

Webinars: Participate in free webinars to master key concepts in supply chain, inventory management, production, warehousing, transportation, logistics and distribution. Participants will also earn Professional Development Units to support their recertification. Click here to register for the webinars.

Fhyzics, an Authorized Channel Partner (ACP) of APICS, USA offers end-to-end support which includes APICS PLUS International Membership, APICS Dictionary, CSCP Exam Content Manual, 6-days Intensive Classroom Training, CSCP Examination Credit and unlimited support through email or phone to clarify your questions for 6-months from the date of registration. membership, training, preparation materials, weekly review sessions, application support, mock tests, pre-examination review and examination credit.

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CSCP Certification Benefits

OpportunitiesAn organisation looking for Supply Chain Management professionals cannot afford to ignore a resume with CSCP, Period.

SCM KnowledgeWhether it is an interview or an internal discussion within your company, CSCP certified professionals are looked upon for guidance and advice.

Star PerformerCSCP materials are frequently updated to stay current with all the SCM developments that are happening across the globe. So what you have learnt is a body of SCM best practices.

Career GrowthCSCP professionals have accelerated growth in the organisation, not just because they attained the toughest supply chain credential, but due to their knowledge and SCM leadership skills.

Certified Supply Chain Professional Program

CSCP training program offers end-to-end support to successfully attain the CSCP credential. The program elements are given in the below diagram.

CSCP Exam Structure

Exam Type: Computer Based Testing
Questions Type: 150 Multiple Choice Questions
Four Choices Per Question
No Negative Marks
Exam Duration: 3.5 Hrs
Scoring Method: Scaled Scoring Method
Score Range: 200 - 350
Pass: 300 - 350

IMBoK v2.0

Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) is an inventory management and optimization certification based on Inventory Management Body of Knowledge – IMBoK v2.0. CIOP is offered by Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management (IISCM) – a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited. The objective of CIOP is to equip the supply chain professionals with a sound understanding on inventory management principles and concepts so that they can transform their organisations inventory practices. For an SCM professional, CIOP provides the knowledge, qualification and industry recognition for their inventory skill sets. And for an organisation, CIOP professionals can define an appropriate Enterprise Inventory Policy and implement the same. CIOP certification is the result of industry demand towards a comprehensive certification that not only teaches the what aspects of inventory, but also addresses the why and how aspects of inventory. IMBoK contains 13 modules. 
Module-1: Introduction to Inventory and Types | Module-2: Functions of Inventory | Module-3: Nature of Demand | 
Module-4: Strategic Planning | Module-5: Sales and Operations Planning | Module-6: Master Scheduling | Module-7: Material Requirements Planning | Module-8: Inventory Costs | Module-9: Inventory Procurement and Supply Contracts | Module-10: Inventory Auditing | Module-11: Inventory Valuation and Movement | Module-12: Inventory Analysis Tools, Techniques, Tracking, Process Improvement and KPIs | Module-13: Analysis of Financial Statements

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CSCP Certification Process

Warehouse Design

Certified Supply Chain Professional [CSCP] Program


CSCP Program Features

  • Preparation Support" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Preparation Support

    Online Clarification Session
    Preparation Materials
    Pre-examination Readiness Assessment
  • Examination Process" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Examination Process

    Application Support
    Examination Credit
  • Career Guidance" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Career Guidance

    Resume Review
    Career Strategy Mapping
    Companies List
    Candidate Promotion

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Supply Chain Management Aptitude Test (SCMAT) is a self-assessment tool to know your aptitude in SCM. Assess yourself in 30 minutes through 50 Multiple-Choice-Questions at your convenient time and location.

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SCM Recruitment Solution

IISCM offers India’s premier SCM Recruitment Solution known for its rigour and high-quality service. Most of our pre-screened and interviewed SCM Professionals hold CSCP or CPIM or CLTD certifications of APICS, USA.


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CSCP Classroom Program Details

    Month      Chennai        Bengaluru            Delhi 

28-Mar-2020 [Saturday]
29-Mar-2020 [Sunday]

13-Mar-2020 [Friday]
14-Mar-2020 [Saturday]
15-Mar-2020 [Sunday]
04-Apr-2020 [Saturday]
05-Apr-2020 [Sunday]

18-Apr-2020 [Saturday]
19-Apr-2020 [Sunday]

10-Apr-2020 [Friday]
11-Apr-2020 [Saturday]
12-Apr-2020 [Sunday]
02-May-2020 [Saturday]
03-May-2020 [Sunday]

16-May-2020 [Saturday]
17-May-2020 [Sunday]

08-May-2020 [Friday]
09-May-2020 [Saturday]
10-May-2020 [Sunday]
06-Jun-2020 [Saturday]
07-Jun-2020 [Sunday]

20-Jun-2020 [Saturday]
21-Jun-2020 [Sunday]

12-Jun-2020 [Friday]
13-Jun-2020 [Saturday]
14-Jun-2020 [Sunday]

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