Warehouse Operations Manual
SOP-DC-1101: Gate Entry Procedures
SOP-DC-1102: Inspection of Vehicles
SOP-DC-1103: Parking of Vehicles
SOP-DC-1104: Yard Management Procedures
SOP-DC-1105: Weigh Bridge Operations
SOP-DC-1106: Docking & Un-Docking Procedures
SOP-DC-1107: Vehicle Shutter Opening & Closing Procedure
SOP-DC-1108: Unloading of Goods
SOP-DC-1109: Receiving Inspection Procedures
SOP-DC-1110: Scanning of Packages
SOP-DC-1111: Put Away & Storage Procedures
SOP-DC-1112: Stacking Procedures for Storage in Warehouse
SOP-DC-1113: Inventory Control
SOP-DC-1114: Stock Rotation Guidelines
SOP-DC-1115: Order Fulfilment Process
SOP-DC-1116: Picking Process
SOP-DC-1117: Scanning Process
SOP-DC-1118: Labelling & Packing Process
SOP-DC-1119: Loading of Goods & Stacking Procedures (Transportation)
SOP-DC-1120: Ship Out/Dispatch of Goods
SOP-DC-1121: Guidelines for the Selection of Unit & Master Carton
SOP-DC-1122: Guidelines for Palletization & Containerization
SOP-DC-1123: Proof-of-Delivery Updation
SOP-DC-1124: Excess, Shrinkage and Write-Off Guidelines
SOP-DC-1125: Quarantine Area Handling Procedures
SOP-DC-1126: Document Management
SOP-DC-1127: Cross Docking Procedures
SOP-DC-1128: Master Cleaning Schedule
SOP-DC-1129: Warehouse Sanitation
SOP-DC-1130: Managing Product Damage/Returns Procedures
SOP-DC-1131: SKU Numbering Nomenclature
SOP-DC-1132: Product Information Sheet and Measurement of Characteristics
SOP-DC-1133: Guidelines for Supplier and Vendor Relationship Management
SOP-DC-1134: Supplier Scorecard and Selection Process
SOP-DC-1135: Vendor Scorecard and Selection Process
SOP-DC-1136: Schedules for Power for Procurement
SOP-DC-1137: Establishment of Min-Max Levels at Echelons and Nodes in Supply Chain
SOP-DC-1138: Guidelines for Distribution Center Operations
SOP-DC-1139: Approved Methods of Product Loading and Unloading
SOP-DC-1140: Documents for Transportation
SOP-DC-1141: Guidelines for Transportation
SOP-DC-1142: Information Dissemination Guidelines Across Supply Chain
SOP-DC-1143: Data Dictionary and Glossary for SCM
SOP-DC-1144: SKU-Wise Minimum Order Quantities
SOP-DC-1145: Shelf-Life Management across Supply Chain
SOP-DC-1146: Guidelines for the Selection of Unit & Master Cartons
SOP-DC-1147: Guidelines for Order Processing
SOP-DC-1148: Allocation of Vehicle for Dispatch of Goods
SOP-DC-1149: Guidelines to S&OP and SKU Level Planning
SOP-DC-1150: Anticipatory Preparation based on History of Orders & POS
SOP-DC-1151: Transit Damage and Loss and Claims Management
SOP-DC-1152: Delivery Window for Suppliers & Vendors
SOP-DC-1153: Route Planning Process for Delivery to Customers
SOP-DC-1154: Handover of Goods at Customer Place and Record Updates
SOP-DC-1155: TPM and Maintenance Schedule for Vehicles
SOP-DC-1156: Establishment of Push-Pull Frontier in Supply Chain
SOP-DC-1157: Rain Water Harvesting
SOP-DC-1158: Green Initiatives within Warehouse
SOP-DC-1159: Vendor Selection Process
SOP-DC-1160: Vendor Application and Database Management

Warehouse Human Resource Manual

SOP-DC-1201: Recruitment Process
SOP-DC-1202: Joining Formalities
SOP-DC-1203: New Employee Orientation
SOP-DC-1204: Employee Personal File
SOP-DC-1205: Salary Processing and Disbursement
SOP-DC-1206: Provident Fund
SOP-DC-1207: ESI
SOP-DC-1208: Employee Benefits
SOP-DC-1209: Tracking items issued to employees
SOP-DC-1210: Leaves
SOP-DC-1211: Organization Code Of Conduct
SOP-DC-1212: Grievance and Complaints Procedure
SOP-DC-1213: Performance Appraisal, Increment and Promotion
SOP-DC-1214: Grooming Standards
SOP-DC-1215: Health And Safety
SOP-DC-1216: Interaction With Guests, Managers and Colleagues
SOP-DC-1217: List of Employees
SOP-DC-1218: Attendance And Time Office
SOP-DC-1219: Asset register
SOP-DC-1220: Professional Development and Training
SOP-DC-1221: Disciplinary Proceedings
SOP-DC-1222: Exit and Retention Policy
SOP-DC-1223: Transfer Policy
SOP-DC-1224: Travel Reimbursement Policy
SOP-DC-1225: Rewards and Recognition
SOP-DC-1226: Employee Suggestion Scheme
SOP-DC-1227: IT, Email and Social Media Policy
SOP-DC-1228: Training Guidelines for Warehouse Manager
SOP-DC-1229: Training Guidelines for Warehouse Staff
SOP-DC-1230: Training Guidelines for Cycle Counter
SOP-DC-1231: Training Guidelines for Warehouse Security Personnel
SOP-DC-1232: Training Guidelines for Warehouse Executive
SOP-DC-1233: Training Guidelines for Forklift Operator/Driver
SOP-DC-1234: Training Guidelines for Material Handler
SOP-DC-1235: Training Guidelines for DC Stock Clerk
SOP-DC-1236: Training Guidelines for Shipping and Receiving Associate
SOP-DC-1237: Training Guidelines for Loader
SOP-DC-1238: Training Guidelines for Shipping Specialist
SOP-DC-1239: Merchandise Pickup/Receiving Associate
SOP-DC-1240: Training Guidelines for MHE Operators
SOP-DC-1241: Training Guidelines for Yard Manager
SOP-DC-1242: Training Guidelines for DC Supervisor
SOP-DC-1243: Who’s Who of DC
SOP-DC-1244: Key Roles & Responsibilities
SOP-DC-1245: Hygiene and Grooming Standards for Warehouse Personnel
SOP-DC-1246: Organization Chart
SOP-DC-1247: Training Guidelines for Electrician
SOP-DC-1248: Roles & Responsibilities of Electrician
SOP-DC-1249: Training Guidelines for Housekeeper
SOP-DC-1250: Roles & Responsibilities of Housekeeper

DC Accounting & Finance Manual
SOP-DC-1301: Receipt of Bills
SOP-DC-1302: Entry of Bill in the Books of Accounts
SOP-DC-1303: Preparation of Approval note for payment
SOP-DC-1304: Issue of Cheques
SOP-DC-1305: Dispatch of Cheques
SOP-DC-1306: Cash Payments
SOP-DC-1307: Payroll
SOP-DC-1308: Staff Advances & Loan
SOP-DC-1309: Fixed Asset Register
SOP-DC-1310: TDS
SOP-DC-1311: Service Tax
SOP-DC-1313: PF
SOP-DC-1314: Employee Insurance
SOP-DC-1315: Bank Payment
SOP-DC-1316: Tours & Travel Statements
SOP-DC-1317: Compliance of Audit Queries
SOP-DC-1318: Cash payments and Journal Vouchers
SOP-DC-1319: Responsibilities of Finance Manager
SOP-DC-1320: Responsibilities of Accounts Officer
SOP-DC-1321: Responsibilities of Accountant / Cashier
SOP-DC-1322: Value Added Tax
SOP-DC-1323: Insurance Requirements
SOP-DC-1324: Various Governing Acts
SOP-DC-1325: Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-DC-1326: Cost Reduction Initiatives
SOP-DC-1327: Professional Tax
SOP-DC-1328: Asset Management
SOP-DC-1329: Accounting Metrics SOP-DC-1330: Petty Cash Management
SOP-DC-1331: Accounts Payables
SOP-DC-1332: Accounts Receivables
SOP-DC-1333: Travel Advance and Reimbursements
SOP-DC-1334: Cash Receipts
SOP-DC-1335: Accounts Organizational Structure
SOP-DC-1336: Request for Proposal Process (RFP)
SOP-DC-1337: Procedure for Obtaining Quotes
SOP-DC-1338: Procedure for Bidding Quotes

Warehouse Safety & Security Guidelines:
SOP-DC-1401: Safety Drill Procedures
SOP-DC-1402: Security Operations
SOP-DC-1403: Visitor/Guest Management Guidelines
SOP-DC-1404: Movement Register for Vehicles
SOP-DC-1405: Safety Movement of Vehicle
SOP-DC-1406: Safety & Security of Goods
SOP-DC-1407: Risk Management & Register of Incidents
SOP-DC-1408: Instructions & Display Management
SOP-DC-1409: Disaster Management Plan
SOP-DC-1410: Warehouse Inspection Process (Safety & Security)
SOP-DC-1411: DC Safety Audit
SOP-DC-1412: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
SOP-DC-1413: Safety Handling of Hazardous Goods
SOP-DC-1414: Frisking Procedures
SOP-DC-1415: OSHA Standards & Guidelines
SOP-DC-1416: Safe Handling of Materials
SOP-DC-1417: Safe Handling of Chemicals
SOP-DC-1418: Safe Handling of Powered Equipment
SOP-DC-1419: Fire Safety Procedures
SOP-DC-1420: Usage of Personal Protective Equipment
SOP-DC-1421: Dock Safety
SOP-DC-1422: Manual Handling of Products
SOP-DC-1423: Comprehensive Safety Program for DC
SOP-DC-1424: Annual Fire Drills Procedure
SOP-DC-1425: DC Emergency Plans
SOP-DC-1426: Rating Sheet for Safety Performance
SOP-DC-1427: Job Hazard Analysis Procedures
SOP-DC-1428: DC/Warehouse Safety Rules
SOP-DC-1429: Lockout/Tagout Procedures
SOP-DC-1430: Warehouse Emergency Procedures for Fire, Chemical Spill, Medical, and Weather
SOP-DC-1431: Yard Security Management Procedures
SOP-DC-1432: Pallet Safety Procedures
SOP-DC-1433: Racking Safety Procedures
SOP-DC-1434: Mezzanine Safety
SOP-DC-1435: Crane Safety Guidelines
SOP-DC-1436: Physical Security and Environmental Control/Monitoring
SOP-DC-1437: Process Safety Management
SOP-DC-1438: Risk Management Program
SOP-DC-1439: Managing Internal and External Security Risks
SOP-DC-1440: Operational Risk Management
SOP-DC-1441: Fire Prevention Procedures
SOP-DC-1442: Emergency Operations
SOP-DC-1443: Emergency Shutdown Procedures
SOP-DC-1444: Normal Shutdown Procedures
SOP-DC-1445: Emergency Planning & Response Procedures
SOP-DC-1446: Chemical Accidents Prevention Program SOP-DC-1447: Transportation Safety and Security Guidelines
SOP-DC-1448: Maintenance and Upkeep of Fire Extinguisher
SOP-DC-1449: Signages within Warehouse
SOP-DC-1450: Interaction and Co-Ordination with Other Departments
SOP-DC-1451: General Precautionary Actions
SOP-DC-1452: Roles & Responsibilities of Guards
SOP-DC-1453: Roles & Responsibilities of Security Officer
SOP-DC-1454: Roles & Responsibilities of DC Fire Officer

Warehouse Systems and MHE Operations & Maintenance
SOP-DC-1501: Approved list of MHEs within Warehouse/Distribution Centre
SOP-DC-1502: MHE Maintenance Schedule
SOP-DC-1503: Operations and Maintenance of Ventilator Arrangements
SOP-DC-1504: Operations and Maintenance of Fire Hydrant Systems
SOP-DC-1505: Operation and Maintenance of Lightening Arrestors
SOP-DC-1506: Operation and Maintenance of Bird Arrestors
SOP-DC-1507: Operation and Maintenance of Tow Lines
SOP-DC-1508: Operation and Maintenance of Conveyor Belts
SOP-DC-1509: Operation and Maintenance of Smoke Detectors
SOP-DC-1510: Operation and Maintenance of Water Sprinklers
SOP-DC-1511: Operation and Maintenance of Docks & Shutter Arrangements
SOP-DC-1512: Operation and Maintenance of Ramps
SOP-DC-1513: Operation and Maintenance of Power Control Rooms
SOP-DC-1514: Operation and Maintenance of Wi-Fi
SOP-DC-1515: Operation and Maintenance of Bar Code
SOP-DC-1516: Operation and Maintenance of Gensets
SOP-DC-1517: Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant
SOP-DC-1518: Operation and Maintenance of Drainage Systems
SOP-DC-1519: Operation and Maintenance of Forklifts
SOP-DC-1520: Operation and Maintenance of Hand Pallet Truck
SOP-DC-1521: Operation and Maintenance of Conveyors
SOP-DC-1522: Operation and Maintenance of Automated Guided Vehicle
SOP-DC-1523: Operation and Maintenance of Vertical Narrow Aisle Vehicle
SOP-DC-1524: Operation and Maintenance of Cranes
SOP-DC-1525: Operation and Maintenance of Packaging Equipment
SOP-DC-1526: Operation and Maintenance of Weigh Bridge
SOP-DC-1527: Operation and Maintenance of Handheld Scanners
SOP-DC-1528: Operation and Maintenance of Automatic Strapping Machines
SOP-DC-1529: Operation and Maintenance of Warehouse Management System
SOP-DC-1530: Operation and Maintenance of Distribution Center Management Systems
SOP-DC-1531: Operation and Maintenance of Material Handling Systems
SOP-DC-1532: Operation and Maintenance of Records Management System
SOP-DC-1533: Operation and Maintenance of Fleet Management System
SOP-DC-1534: Operation and Maintenance of CCTV’s
SOP-DC-1535: Operation and Maintenance of Vertical Lift
SOP-DC-1536: Pallet Handling Procedures SOP-DC-1537: Inspection & Maintenance of Drainage Systems
SOP-DC-1538: Operation and Maintenance of Fire Suppression Equipment
SOP-DC-1539: Fire Alarm Battery Testing
SOP-DC-1540: Fire Alarm Indicating Devices
SOP-DC-1541: Handling and Maintenance of Tracking Devices

Warehouse/Distribution Centre Process Improvement Manual
SOP-DC-1601: Key Performance Indicator’s for Warehouse Operations
SOP-DC-1602: Warehouse Audit Guidelines
SOP-DC-1603: Inventory Audit Procedures
SOP-DC-1604: Lean Warehousing
SOP-DC-1605: Total Quality Management
SOP-DC-1606: 5S Principles
SOP-DC-1607: Warehouse Best Practices
SOP-DC-1608: Receiving and Storage Best Practices
SOP-DC-1609: Issuing and Distributing Material Best Practices
SOP-DC-1610: Inventory Management Best practices
SOP-DC-1611: Goods Storage Practices
SOP-DC-1612: Performance Measurement and Monitoring

Warehouse Resource Forms & Checklists Manual
SOP-DC-1801: Receiving Checklist
SOP-DC-1802: Inventory Management Checklists
SOP-DC-1803: Product Recall Checklist
SOP-DC-1804: Trailer Inspection Checklists
SOP-DC-1805: Shipping Checklists
SOP-DC-1806: Security Self Audit
SOP-DC-1807: Risk Assessment Template
SOP-DC-1808: Document Management Checklists
SOP-DC-1809: Master Cleaning Schedule – Monthly
SOP-DC-1810: Master Cleaning Schedule – Weekly
SOP-DC-1811: Warehouse Sanitation Checklists SOP-DC-1812: Preloading Checklist
SOP-DC-1813: Movement Register for Vehicles
SOP-DC-1814: Supplier Questionnaire/ Assessment
SOP-DC-1815: Physical Audit Worksheet
SOP-DC-1816: Warehouse Contacts
SOP-DC-1817: Supplier Agreements Template
SOP-DC-1818: Vendor Agreements Template
SOP-DC-1819: Contractor Agreements Template
SOP-DC-1820: Customer Agreements Template
SOP-DC-1821: Government Notification & Agreements
SOP-DC-1822: Asset Management Register
SOP-DC-1823: Genset Log Book
SOP-DC-1824: Diesel/Oil Stock Register

Warehouse Compliance Manual
SOP-DC-1701: Agreement Templates for Contracts with Supplier, Vendors, and Suppliers
SOP-DC-1702: List of Reports, Generators and Recipients
SOP-DC-1703: Data Dictionary and Glossary for SCM
SOP-DC-1704: Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-DC-1705: Adherence of Regulatory Compliances (FDA, USDA etc.) in Supply Chain
SOP-DC-1706: Product, Facility, MHE and People Certification Requirements in SCM
SOP-DC-1707: Agreement Templates for Contracts with Suppliers, Vendors, and Shippers. SOP-DC-1708: Asset & Equipment Legal Compliances
SOP-DC-1708: Asset & Equipment Legal Compliances
SOP-DC-1709: Non-Disclosure Agreement
SOP-DC-1710: OSHA Compliance Guidelines
SOP-DC-1711: Bonded Warehouse
SOP-DC-1712: Customs Registration
SOP-DC-1713: Warehouse Licenses
SOP-DC-1714: Warehouse Insurance Guidelines
SOP-DC-1715: Warehouse Standards (Statutory Requirements)
SOP-DC-1716: Environmental Clearances
SOP-DC-1717: Labour Laws Compliances
SOP-DC-1718: General Compliances
SOP-DC-1719: State Specific Compliances
SOP-DC-1720: Warehouse Ownership/Rental/Lease Documents
SOP-DC-1721: DC/Warehouse Registrations (India)

Sales & Marketing Manual:
SOP-DC-1901: Sales & Marketing Organization
SOP-DC-1902: Sales & Marketing Functions
SOP-DC-1903: Terminologies in Sales & Marketing
SOP-DC-1904: The Sales Process
SOP-DC-1905: Negotiation Techniques
SOP-DC-1906: Customer Relationship Management
SOP-DC-1907: Customer Relationship Management Software
SOP-DC-1908: Effective Techniques in Sales
SOP-DC-1909: Marketing Techniques
SOP-DC-1910: Customer Service in Sales
SOP-DC-1911: Client Acquisition Process
SOP-DC-1912: Client Onboarding Process
SOP-DC-1913: Client Sign-Off Procedures

Warehouse – Technology & Information Management

SOP-DC-2001: Access for Users
SOP-DC-2002: Virus Software and Computer Security
SOP-DC-2003: Reporting Technical Problems or Requesting Assistance
SOP-DC-2004: Repair Request for Student Laptops
SOP-DC-2005: Blocked Web Pages
SOP-DC-2006: Request of New Phones
SOP-DC-2007: Emergency Requests
SOP-DC-2008: Systems Access-Requesting, Changing and Closing Accounts
SOP-DC-2009: Requests for Purchase Technology Items
SOP-DC-2010: Discarding of Equipment
SOP-DC-2011: Data Backups for Computer Users
SOP-DC-2012: Mobile Laptop Carts

Warehouse Management System Manual:

SOP-DC-2101: Warehouse Management System Procedures
SOP-DC-2102: WMS Rules
SOP-DC-2103: Inbound Logistics
SOP-DC-2104: Inventory Management
SOP-DC-2105: Storage Unit Management
SOP-DC-2106: Container Management
SOP-DC-2107: Wave Picks
SOP-DC-2108: Stock Management
SOP-DC-2109: Warehouse Movements
SOP-DC-2110: Goods Receipt Procedures
SOP-DC-2111: Goods Issue Procedures
SOP-DC-2112: Stock Transfers and Replenishment
SOP-DC-2113: Putaway & Picking Procedures
SOP-DC-2114: Facility Management System
SOP-DC-2115: Outbound Logistics
SOP-DC-2116: Reverse Logistics
SOP-DC-2117: Product Traceability
SOP-DC-2118: Yard Management
SOP-DC-2119: Dock Management
SOP-DC-2120: Cross Docking
SOP-DC-2121: QA & Recall
SOP-DC-2122: Transportation Management
SOP-DC-2123: Fleet Management
SOP-DC-2124: POD Update Procedures

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