• CIOP – Certified Inventory Optimization Professional and IMBoK v2.0

  • CIOP – A Globally Acclaimed Certification for Inventory Management & Optimization Professionals

  • CIOP – An Inventory Management Certification By The Industry & For The Industry

  • CIOP – Aimed Towards The Highest Level of Education On Inventory Management and Optimization

  • If Average Annual Inventory > USD 250K, Benefits of Having CIOP Will Far Exceed The Cost

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Certified Inventory Optimization Professional

The objective of CIOP certification program is to equip the supply chain professionals on all matters pertaining to inventory. They not only master the inventory management concepts but also become proficient in tools and techniques to optimize inventory. Inventory Management Body of Knowledge (IMBoK) forms the foundation of CIOP certification. IMBoK v2.0 is the outcome of IISCM’s research team and inputs gathered from supply chain professionals from industry and academia. Companies across the globe rely on CIOP trained and certified professionals to instil inventory best practices in people, processes, and systems. CIOPs act as a custodian of Enterprise Inventory Policy and significantly improve customer satisfaction, minimize production disruptions, and maximise profitability of organisations.

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Why CIOP and for Whom?

Inventory management is all about finding the thin line between the enough and excess inventory. How best one determines this line results in effective and efficient operation. By attaining this world’s only rigorous credential on inventory management, one can recognise his organisation’s inventory challenges and recommend appropriate solution.

CIOP aspirants range from across industries responsible for managing the organisation wide inventory such as Supply Chain Heads, Directors, Inventory Managers, Consultants etc.

CIOP Certification Process

IMBoK v2.0

Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) is an inventory management and optimization certification based on Inventory Management Body of Knowledge – IMBoK v2.0. CIOP is offered by Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management (IISCM) – a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited. The objective of CIOP is to equip the supply chain professionals with a sound understanding on inventory management principles and concepts so that they can transform their organisations inventory practices. For an SCM professional, CIOP provides the knowledge, qualification and industry recognition for their inventory skill sets. And for an organisation, CIOP professionals can define an appropriate Enterprise Inventory Policy and implement the same. CIOP certification is the result of industry demand towards a comprehensive certification that not only teaches the what aspects of inventory, but also addresses the why and how aspects of inventory. IMBoK contains 13 modules. 
Module-1: Introduction to Inventory and Types | Module-2: Functions of Inventory | Module-3: Nature of Demand | 
Module-4: Strategic Planning | Module-5: Sales and Operations Planning | Module-6: Master Scheduling | Module-7: Material Requirements Planning | Module-8: Inventory Costs | Module-9: Inventory Procurement and Supply Contracts | Module-10: Inventory Auditing | Module-11: Inventory Valuation and Movement | Module-12: Inventory Analysis Tools, Techniques, Tracking, Process Improvement and KPIs | Module-13: Analysis of Financial Statements

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CIOP Paths

Examination Track
Suitable for Degree or Diploma holders with a passion to master the Inventory Management Body of Knowledge (IMBoK) and to become an expert in inventory management and optimization. Candidates opting this path prepare and pass the CIOP examination to become a CIOP.

Examination Track

Experience Track
Suitable for Degree or Diploma holders with more than 20 years of demonstrated experience in supply chain seeking to master the Inventory Management Body of Knowledge (IMBoK) and lead the Inventory Management initiatives of their organisation with confidence. Candidates opting this path prepare and pass the CIOP interview to become a CIOP.
Experience Track

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