Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, UK Certifications

Procurement and Supply Management involves buying the goods and services required for an organisation to deliver value to the customers in terms of products and services. Hence, buying the right Products, with right Quality, from the right Vendors, at the right Time and for the right Location are primordial factors for the success of an organisation. According to CIPS, UK procurement makes about 70% of a companies’ revenue. A small saving in such a large volume will automatically add to the bottom line of the organisation. A company’s strength in procurement and supply is often viewed as a competitive advantage as they would be able to offer better products at a lower price to the customer.

Based on your academic qualification and experience, you can start with one of the certification levels – L2, L3 & L4.

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

CIPS Certification Process

CIPS Student Membership is required and must be active to appear for the CIPS qualifications. There are three entry levels in CIPS qualifications, and you can select the one appropriate to your qualification and experience. IISCM’s Certifications Manager can assist you in this process. Once you select the level, you can enroll for the training program at IISCM and the fee includes membership, classroom/online training and preparation materials. Subsequently, you will pursue the program as per the timetable provided and complete the modules and appear for the module wise examination. Once you complete all the modules in a level you will attain the credential of that level and you can progress to the next levels.


Program Formats

CIPS certifications are offered in Classroom, Distance and Self-Study modes. Speak to our Certifications Manager at 900-304-9000 or email us at to select the one that suits you.

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CIPS Approved Faculties

Certification trainings are offered by experienced consultants and professional who are helping organisations to streamline procurement and supply chain processes across the globe.

CIPS Approved Faculties

Satellite Study Centre

CIPS Certification training can be offered at your organisation or institution by becoming a satellite study centre. For more details speak to us at 900-304-9000 or email us at