IISCM Supply Chain Network [ISCN] Ambassador

Who can become an ISCN Ambassador?
  • To be eligible to become an ISCN ambassador one must be a graduate
  • He/she should have passion for supply chain
  • Having a strong network among various supply chain professionals across the country
Objectives of ISCN:
  • To enhance the supply chain learning across India
  • To share the members learning
  • To Organize the local events/activities related to supply chain across various major cities
  • in India
  • To know about the supply chain:
    • Webinars
    • Events
    • Conferences
    • Opportunities
  • Coordinate ISCN related activities in the respective cities
  • Lead ISCN networking related activities in the respective cities
  • Guide members of our network in your city in terms of supply chain opportunities
ISCN Offerings:
  • Volunteer & Honorary position
  • 50% discount in Executive Development Programs [EDPs] conducted in various cities
  • by Institute for Integrated Supply Chain Management [IISCM]
  • Pass will be issued to attend the National Conference on Supply Chain and Logistics
  • [NCSCL 2020]