1. Construction SOPs - Procurement
SOP-PM-001: SOP for Supplier Selection Process
SOP-PM-002: SOP for Supplier Registration Process
SOP-PM-003: SOP for Supplier Scorecard
SOP-PM-004: SOP for Item Specifications
SOP-PM-005: SOP for Approved List of Supplier Management
SOP-PM-006: SOP for Supplier Relationship Management
SOP-PM-007: SOP for Supplier Agreement

2. Construction SOPs - Inventory Management
SOP-IM-001: SOP for Receiving and In-Warding of Goods
SOP-IM-002: SOP for Put Away Procedures
SOP-IM-003: SOP for Material Storage Guidelines
SOP-IM-004: SOP for Issuing of Materials from the Store
SOP-IM-005: SOP for Inventory Min-Max Guidelines
SOP-IM-006: SOP for Scarp Management and Disposal
SOP-IM-007: SOP for Preservation of Materials
SOP-IM-008: SOP for Management of Onsite Warehouses
SOP-IM-009: SOP for Stock Transfer to Onsite Warehouses
SOP-IM-010: SOP for Construction Material Release Authorization
SOP-IM-011: SOP for Reconciliation Between Measurement Books and Material Issue
SOP-IM-012: SOP for Demand Plan and Forecasting
SOP-IM-013: SOP for Safety and Security of Personal and Materials

3. Construction SOPs - Quality
SOP-QY-001: SOP for Material Inspection at Supplier Specialty
SOP-QY-002: SOP for Incoming Materials Inspection
SOP-QY-003: SOP for Approved List of Test Centres
SOP-QY-004: SOP for Test Sample Specification and Maintenance

4. Construction SOPs - Accounts & Finance
SOP-AF-001: SOP for Inventory Accounting Procedures
SOP-AF-002: SOP for Inventory Auditing Procedures
SOP-AF-003: SOP for Issue of Purchase Order
SOP-AF-004: SOP for Invoice Processing and Payment Release
SOP-AF-005: SOP for Petty Cash Management
SOP-AF-006: SOP for Accounts Payable Management

5. Construction SOPs - Logistics
SOP-LS-001: SOP for Approved List of Transporters
SOP-LS-002: SOP for Vehicle Inspection Procedures
SOP-LS-003: SOP for Issue of Vehicle Gate Pass
SOP-LS-004: SOP for Vehicle Docking Procedures
SOP-LS-005: SOP for Vehicle Loading and Unloading Procedures
SOP-LS-006: SOP for SCM Roles and Responsibilities

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