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Eligibility to Become a Customs House Agent

According to Customs Broker Licensing Regulations, 2018 the applicants shall meet the following eligibility condition to submit the application

1) he is a citizen of India

2) he is a person of sound mind

3) he is not adjudicated as insolvent

4) he holds an Aadhaar number

5) he holds a valid PAN card

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Customs House Agent

This podcast is on Customs House Agents. 

Import and export is a complex process which involves several stakeholders. In addition to performing movement of goods from or to the terminal, one has to focus on insurance, packaging and hiring carriers, you also need to file several documents with the customs department. If you are an importer or exporter, you can do these document filings or submissions on your own for your goods. But in most cases as it is a specialised activity and requires an excellent coordination with customs department for timely and hassle free release of goods, companies prefer to appoint a Customs House Agent to do this on their behalf. Customs House Agent, shortly known as CHA enables an organisation with smoother clearance of their goods from customs station by fulfilling the import or export procedures of the customs department. 

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Executive Development Programs in SCM

This podcast is on the list of Executive Development Programs offered by IISCM for corporates. 

The duration of IISCM’s Executive Development Programs range from one to three days and are delivered at organisations across India, Middle-East and Africa. These programs are case study based and have a judicial mix of theory and practice. On completion of the program, the participants would be able to transform the respective business processes in their organisations.

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Association For Supply Chain Management (ASCM), USA

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